Graffiti for a Social Cause: Zeft, Nazeer, Nemo and Mona Lisa Brigades

Design for Good.


m, Street artists painting Maadi bridge for #Coloringthrucorruption. Photo courtesy of Nazeer

Egyptian graffiti artists are doing more than just painting art on street walls, they’re creating social awareness campaigns against corruption, media brainwashing, poverty and sexual harassment, and also using graffiti to beautify slum areas of Cairo to restore a sense of pride, ownership and hope to its residents.

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Zamokuhle- I can make it beautiful

A Public Service Announcement clip, only 30seconds long. I wrote a poem, imagining what an older sister would tell her younger sibling about living in the Diepsloot Township of Gauteng.

Zama- meaning Beautiful, translates to I can make it beautiful. A name that is very meaningful in this context where girls tend to grow and live in a cycle of poverty, sexual abuse and poor (if any) education.

FOTAD is an NGO that strives to provide girls between the ages of 11-19 a proper education, focussing on maths and science and invites them to dream of the possibility of not only going to varsity, but to enter any work field and career of their choice.

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The animated gif used for promotions for our Campus Invasion Campaign… Its a jellyfish zapping its way out of a lightbulb- great fun to do, next challenge is to make a mind-blowing animation of our Jelly rocking some optic fibers to local pop…Imagine



After all the neons and leopard prints of the season I was head over heels for this simple two-tone design. It formed part of the ideation for an alternative rock music festival we like to call JOOL.

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